So I bought an outfit, lol. 😁 #selfie
Joggers, shirts, Roshes… Good copps. #fashion
Back to Vegas(: You’ve been amazing to me, Seattle. I’ll be back later in the year! #selfie #seattlesbestcoffee #winning  (at Delta Terminal - Seattle-Tacoma International Airport)
You made this week the best week of my life! It was hard saying goodbye but we both know I’ll be back. I love you @kacp_x. ❤️
Relax, it’s gonna be a beautiful day. ☀️ #winning




This was my exact view about 2 years back.  I was driving home from Sasquatch, it was 7am, my friend was asleep and Bon Iver was over the radio.  One of those life moments.

when im older i want to have memories like this

"When you love somebody, you do everything you can to make them happy because it’s not just about you anymore."